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Selecting Your Wedding DJ



The wedding date is set and the venue is booked... Yet, one of the most overlooked and misrepresented parts of planning a wedding is selecting a good DJ or entertainment company.   When you are selecting a DJ you are handpicking an individual who will basically in control of your wedding, everything from the music, staying on schedule once you arrive at the reception, and controlling the overall mood of your guest.  How do you choose such a person and is every DJ out there qualified or even capable of running a wedding? 



1. How Much Does a DJ cost?  

The cost of a DJ will vary from DJ to DJ. Things like travel distance, hours to playing music, how much equipment they are bringing, and even other things that may vary.  It will also depend what type of market you in.  In general expect to spend over $600 for an experienced wedding DJ.  Some DJs may even require a down payment once they schedule you into a calendar.  


2. What Makes a Good DJ? 

Other then be able to talk over a microphone... a good DJ should be personable, respectful, and really be able to do exactly what you are paying them to do... make your BIG DAY. all about YOU.  A good DJ can entertain the crowd, read the crowd to play appropriate music, and overall should not leave you second guessing about how things will turn out.  The more experience a DJ has with weddings the better.  


3. Resources To Find a Good Wedding DJ

The internet is always good place to start looking within a general city or region, but asking people closer to home, like family, friends, or just someone you know who was married recently could be the key to finding a good DJ.. Just ask them who they used to DJ their reception and would they recommend their services.  This tactic could even score you bonus points with the DJ if you tell them you were referred to them by a previous client.  


Ultimately,  there is no perfect way to find a good DJ it may take some time to nail down yours ( don't sweat it ). The key thing is don't go for the lowest deal just because you want to save $100.  The pricing in industry is usually experienced and equiptment based... meaning you are paying for experience and quality entertainment.  Happy DJ hunting! 

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