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There's no doubt about it, wedding's are expensive. There's the venue, the food, the music, and the list goes on. It may not seem like your budget is big enough to get everything you want, but this isn't the case. There are tricks you can do to save some money for your special day. For starts, when you're considering your budget think of what is absolutely the most important to you. Decide where you're willing to splurge, and  where you're willing to cut. This will show you the places you can make adjustments.


There are plenty of tips and tricks you can do to have the wedding you always wanted, for less money!


Site Fees


Finding venues during the wedding "off" season (December through March)  could help save thousands. Also picking any day other than Saturday can save you big! A Friday evening or Sunday afternoon can be the perfect date and for a cheaper price!


Flowers & Decor


Instead of real flowers, fake flowers as your decorations can save you big! But if you're set on real flowers, consider flowers whose prices stay fairly low, like carnations or roses, then decorate with more greenery than flowers. Your decor will be pretty without being too expensive.




Having stations that offer the food to be cooked right in front of the guests will cut down on the waitstaff resulting in money saved. Buffets also eliminate some waitstaff. Offer lightweight foods instead of hot and heavy meals, especially during cocktail hours.


Cake & Dessert


If you want a big cake consider faux layers. Tiered cakes are gorgeous, but don't count on every guest eating when you make it. Having just a couple tiers, or faux tiers will save you. And if you're worried about your guests being cake eaters, supplement the "fake" layered cake with sheet cakes!


Music & Entertainment


Every great reception has great music. If a large band is out of question , a local band that hasn't made it big yet might just be what you need. Or an even bigger save would be to have a DJ that you love!


Your wedding can be the best day of your life without putting you in debt! There are plenty of areas you can save money and still have the wedding day you always dreamed of. Celebrate a beautiful marriage without running out of money, you deserve it!

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You have a vision of what your perfect wedding day will look like. From the date to the venue to the specific colors and tabling you have a lot of decisions to make. The planning stage includes a lot of details from the color of table cloths, to accents, to centerpieces. It is important you know the options you have. It's your big day, of course you want every detail to be planned out and executed in the best way possible, and we want that for you too!

So before you become stressed out from the endless decorating possibilities,  take a look at the benefits of each option and decide what's best for you.


1. Table Shapes


Rectangle Tables: Tall centerpieces will help add dimension to the tables. If multiple tables are connected, consider switching between two centerpieces to add variety. Banquet tables are large which means there's a lot of space to fill, however, it doesn't have to be full. Clean cut will beat clutter every time.


Round Tables:  Instead of working with one arrangement, think of a few and alternate them throughout the reception space. This will help keep things balanced while also keeping them from seeming bland. Consider stepping out from round plates and add some shape. Square plates will add a different look.


2. Bonus Color Options


Rent Colored Glassware: Your glassware can add the perfect color spark. A simple, neutral colored table cloth will help the glassware pop, showing off your wedding colors without being overbearing.


Decorative Table Runner: The table runner is the perfect place to add a spice of color and change. You can show off your creativity with a chevron colored pattern, or emphasize the accent color you wanted to showcase.


3. Centerpieces


Low Centerpieces: Of course centerpieces are just that, the center of the table. Beautiful flowers, lights, and many other things can be a great accent to the middle of the table. With centerpieces that are low to the table are not only pretty, but help to encourage conversation among guests.


Tall Centerpieces: You can add dimension to your table with tall centerpieces. The trick with creating a center piece with great height is making sure they don't obstruct the view of the guests. This way everyone can admire the piece, and also share in the time together.


Your wedding day should look just like you envision, every detail matters. Think about the options you have and what works best for you. This is your day, make it exactly what you want it to be!


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Ever since Ohio was established on March 1st, 1803, there has been a lot of amazing things happen in Ohio.  With those amazing things comes amazing places to visit.  Summer of 2015 is just about half away over, so time to travel is also running out!  We have compiled a short list of amazing places that you need to visit!


1. Wright Patterson Air Force Museum - A very cool place to spend an afternoon with the kids.  The WPAFM offers up several hangers of historical artifacts.  You'll see everything from the Wright Brothers first flight, the latest technology of the United States Air Force, and recently added was the rocket hanger.  The history and information you'll find here is limitless, and is something for the whole family.  WPAFM is also home to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, which is one of the major Air Force bases for the the military!  If air planes and history isn't your thing then checkout this famous location! 


2. The Ohio Caverns - Ohio Caverns is one of Ohio's most popular tourist attractions. The caverns remain a steady 54 degrees year round featuring some of the most unique formations in America. Guests from around the world come to experience the 35 acre park for an all-day family fun adventure. Ohio is pretty fascinating above ground, but wait until you see what is underneath it. This is one adventure that the family will never forget! 


If the underground would isn't for you, don't despair!  


3. The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium - Lions, Tigers, and Bears....Oh My!  There is never a dull moment at the Columbus Zoo. In the last 40 years this zoo has been nationally recognized on Good Morning America & several late shows!  That isn't all though, the zoo also has an attached water park, golf course, and the wilds!  You'll see Tigers, Rhinos, Zebras, and so much more at the Columbus Zoo.  


As you can see Ohio has some amazing attractions, and the fun never stops in Ohio! 


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Wedding Piggy Bank


The official start of summer is just around the corner and if you haven't attended a wedding yet in 2015, then you probably know some who will.  The peak wedding season is June to the end of September. It is estimated that 2015 could see 2.2 million weddings as the new Millennials 18 - 34 start heading to the alter.  If you are one of those 2.2 million then you have probably realized that weddings are not cheap. The cost rack up pretty quick as well like: venue, food, deejay, photography, not to mention the rings.  It is important that you really know how to create a budget, and stick to it as well.  


1. The length and size of your engagement - It shouldn't be a surprise to know if you have large engagement party, and the celebration goes on for hours, that you will need to save up.   A longer engagement also means finding discounts on the decorations, flowers, vendors, and bridal party dresses you want. Shorter engagements are just as practical when it comes to planning especially if you aren’t picky. You also won’t get your head stuck in the clouds of all the hoopla of #wedding planning. The bigger the more $$$ unless you have a strong coupon and thrift saving game.  


2. Have Your Cake and Don't Forget to Eat It:  It's not hard to over spend on a wedding cake. Order a cake that fits the number of guest you are going to have. A wedding engagement with 200 people could require the big 5 - 7 tier cake, but with a 100 guest or less engagement keep it simple. The latest trend has been replacing the cake with a sheets of cupcakes, and its affordable.  One more way to save money on your wedding cake is to eliminate fondant and go for buttercream icing.  


3. Venues are Important: You have probably heard a wedding horror story that was about a vendor.  The thing about selecting the right venue for your wedding isn't about the price of the venue, but more about the service, and it is provided.  The worst thing you can do is over pay for a wedding venue that has bare or poor service.  Does your venue provide the food, glassware, linens, beverages, and whatever else you don't want to take care of.  The most difficult part is matching a the correct venue, with your needs, and at your price.  Get all the quotes you can, and then make your choice.  


Sticking to a budget is easier than your mind might tell you it, especially, if you are not someone who typically sets on. What are somethings you have done or know that someone else has done to save money? 


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If you have never planned, budgeted, or paid for a wedding than you'll never understand how much you'll save by doing something yourself.  Luckily, those who are planning a wedding have more resources available than we can list one website.  We are going to pin down to one particular resource that we even use for marketing here Howard Johnson Lima.  


The resource we are talking about is Canva! which is an Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software. Canva makes design simple for everyone. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, and WEDDING invitations!  Two things that are great about this website:  Canva is FREE and you don't have to download anything!  

Canva recently added wedding invitation to its list of graphic design templates and it makes it SUPER easy for you design your wedding invitation! 

You can start by selecting one of the templates on the left hand side and edit that template or hit the text icon to start fresh on the white page.  

Everything on a template is adjustable and you can edit pictures, text, color, or any shapes you have.  You can also upload your own photos to Canva! 

Once you are finished with your invitation, you can save it as a .jpeg or even download it as PDF. Either way it will be print ready!  


If you need help or want to learn more about Canva...you can comment on this blog or checkout the design school section at canva.com!