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4 Great Reasons for an Outside Wedding

During the summer months of Ohio it might not be ideal to hold an outside wedding reception. But the months of May, September, & week of October are some of the best months our state has to offer! Limited time though also means limited availability which means you have to jump on your venue as quick as possible. So really other than the limited time and limited availability weddings held outside can be a great decision!



Outside Wedding Reason #1: Nature - The special thing with outdoor weddings is that you can choose venues that match well with your theme. In return you will spend less in decorations! By finding venues with jaw-dropping landscapes is also another way to wow your guest. The amazing landscapes will also add for amazing pictures, and thus create more lasting memories!

Outside Wedding Reason #2: Ambience - Outdoor weddings do not have to be in the middle of the day when it is 80 - 85 degrees outside. Lake Erie area could provide for amazing beach style weddings during the sunset, and use lantern style lighting!  The bonus of finding a beach will mean you can hear the waves in the background!  

Outside Wedding Reason #3: Garden Weddings - Of course you saw this coming!  You see these in magazines all the time! Obviously, the biggest benefit to a garden wedding is the bride won’t need to go out and buy additional flowers. Another benefit is smell. A garden is mother nature at her best!

*Outside Wedding Reason #4: Cost - Did you know the average couple who lives in Lima, Ohio spent between $15,017 and $25,028 on average for their wedding? That is a big chunk of money. You can eliminate some cost with an outside wedding if you find a venue where you can do the ceremony and the reception! The biggest thing do though is shop around and fight for bargains!  

These are just a few reasons why having an outside wedding could be beneficial to you, but if it isn’t for you, that is also okay. Most weddings are indoors and there is nothing wrong with that.  

*Note: We went to http://www.costofwedding.com/ and search 45805 to find the average cost of the wedding.

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